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Renewing the view of Renewable Energy: How Does It Really Work, MDS Group White Paper 2008-07, 2008

Business Valuation in Litigation - How Does It Work? Presented to the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education, September, 2007

Valuing a Business: Value of the Chicago Cubs, MDS Group White Paper 2007-02, 2007

The Budgeting Process: How Not to do it – The Illinois State Budget, MDS Group White Paper 2006-09, 2006

The Financial Implications of a Safety / Risk Management Program, Presented at the American Society of Safety Engineering Conference, Orlando, Florida, 2006

Cost Tracking on Rehabilitation of Large Diameter Sewer Systems in a Congested Urban Environment, Underground Focus, 2004

Financial Advantages of Using New Tech Tools on Old Tech Investment:  Increasing the Efficiency of the O&M Budget, Journal of the American Water Works Association and Conference Presentation, 2003

Impact on Financial Statements of Manufacturing Alternatives – Location and the Supply Chain, White Paper presented to a confidential investing consortium, 2000

Assessing Financial Impact of Business Interruptions, Expert witness report presented in the Circuit Court of Illinois, 1999

SAP 96-1 – Accounting for Manufacturing Variances, Presented to the Chemical Industry Council of Illinois, 1999

How to Leverage Accounting and Auditing, Presented to the American Bar Association Midwestern Regional Conference, 1998

Project Management Tools and Implementation, Presented in a ten-week session to students at Keller Graduate School of Management, 1995 & 1996

Manufacturing Management: Relying on Systems to Improve Performance, Presented to the Management Institute, 1994

Be Safe and Prosper: Complying with OSHA in a Profitable Workplace, Presented to the Chemical Industry Council of Illinois, 1992

Financial Risks of Environmental Management: Fleet Factors, Presented to Citicorp Executive Committee, 1991

Oil Spill Remediation: All Is Not Lost, Presented to the American Society of Civil Engineering Conference, 1989

Solution to Flooding: Applying a Dutch Model to the Mississippi, Presented to the American Society of Civil Engineering Conference, 1986